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A statement of the aims and objectives that led to the developing the Byron Bay Master Plan as a public discussion paper.


This  study aims to assess the Byron Bay town  centre structure and meaning to recognise the needs and  aspirations of the people, the land, and  our future direction. Byron is  part of the  Northern Rivers of NSW and is  not dictated to by  commercial or political interests or driven by  convention.

We look at the  location and  structure of the existing Byron Bay  township to establish the  natural structure, form and  functions which can be summarised  in constraints analysis to  outline the positive and negative  factors that form the basis  of our town.

This will lead to an assessment  of the  public domain throughout  the town,  which essentÍally covers the areas  where people live and play and  enjoy our environment.

With the  structure and  character of  these spaces  we can then assess the  practical needs of movement, transport, access and  community facilities for  all people including locals,  itinerants, commercial and  visitors.

The  natural environment is  retained, enhanced, rehabilitated and used for  community benefit. The commercial built  environment is  covered by the Council LEP and  planning documents, and the freedom within  thîs plan  should encourage  private interests to  create a synergy with the  public domain for the  mutual benefit of all.

Our whole  philosophy is based  on Zero Carbon  where we aim for Town Centre that produces and uses its  own energy, collects,  treats and re-uses its  own water, composts and recycles its  own waste, produces its  own food, converts and builds  all buildings as zero  energy structures, in a fully sustainable natural environment which replicates and  rehabilitates the  biodiversity of  its location, with  people living  in harmony with each other and  co-creating with  nature to  produce all our needs.

This is all feasible with current  proven technology and the  collective economy of the  community

Each of the four  major open space  focal areas will be assessed and concept plan  drawn to suggest ways to achieve different functional areas for people to work, play,  communicate and enjoy.

They will  represent one idea  but there are many other ideas and  concepts in  this intellectually fertile town  which should  all be  put forward and the pros and cons assessed with emphasis  on spirit, natural environment, sustainability and social  benefit to establish  our collective vision for the place we have chosen to live.

It will then be a  privilege to  welcome all  visitors to share and  enjoy our wonderful  home and  take with  them the  feeling of  what we enjoy every day.

To recognise the  spirit of Byron,  its land and  people and  allow this spirit to  flourish is the purpose of this study. The will and  inspiration of the  people will make it happen.

To summarise these  aspirations, we aim to  present master plan that:-

  • Honours  the traditional  owners
  • Respects the  spirit of Byron - the land,  the water and the people
  • Reflects the  natural energy lines
  • lncorporates sacred  geometry
  • Creates, stores and uses its  own energy
  • Collects,  treats and re-uses its  own water
  • Treats and recycles its  own waste
  • Generates zero  carbon for all buildings and services
  • Enhances and  maintains the  natural environment
  • Extends  nature throughout  the town
  • Grows  food for  the town with zero food miles and  food security
  • Continues Cavanbah as meeting place for  all peoples and ideas
  • Encourages spontaneous  forums for locals to  interact
  • Provides  pedestrian priority within  the town
  • Allows free use  of skateboards and bikes
  • Gives full access to all  facilities for people with  disabilities
  • Supports  youth and respects elders
  • Encourages  visitors to  enjoy lifestyle not dictate it
  • Provides  tourists with an  inspiring experience in nature
  • Efficiently provides all services for local residents and tourists
  • Honours  all people, creatures, animals and  nature
  • Manages the land using  nature's intelligence.