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This would cover all of the natural environment and biodiversity including:-

  • existing wetlands, coastal heath, sand dunes and natural areas to be retained orrehabilitated
  • areas to be enhanced, studied or new facilities introduced
  • areas throughout the town centre built environment including streets, parks, naturestrips, buffer zones, screen planting and amenity planting.
  • community gardens and permaculture market production
  • waste and compost facility requirements
  • street furniture and public art.

As a suggestion to cater for the diverse interests of the Byron community we include the following:-

  • Healing garden
  • Sensory garden
  • Water garden including wetlands, and boardwalks
  • Gardens for teaching and learning
  • Food, permaculture, community and herb gardens
  • Urban forests and nature trails
  • Crystal garden
  • Geomancy, energy lines, stone circles and sacred geometry
  • Adventure and discovery gardens
  • Meditation and yoga garden
  • Starseed and propagation gardens
  • Sculpture and artistic garden
  • Youth garden and skateboard ramps
  • Marine garden

And many other ideas which would consolidate our greening of Byron theme, rehabilitating, caring for our land and co-creating with nature.